Protecting Our Freedoms

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Using the name “silent bomber”,  a married couple in London were caught planning a bombing attack. The UK daily Mail carries the story.    

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Obama Helps Increase Gun Sales

Every time there’s a terrorist attack, President Obama and Congressman call for more gun controls, By doing so, it has the exact opposite effect on gun sales. Gun sales go through the roof. Fox News’ video explains why.  

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Cruz Majority Of Felons Register As Democrats

Ted Cruz made the assertion that the majority of felons release from prison are registered as Democrats. During an interview with an ABC News reporter, she challenged him and they went back and forth for three or four minutes.  After watching this video, you will have a clear understanding of Cruz’s viewpoint.

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ISIS has been selling oil on the black market to fund their terrorist activities. Obama refuses to bomb the oil tankers because the drivers are civilians. View what Rush Limbaugh has to say about this strategy.

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Toys “R” Us Goes Gender-Neutral

After being under pressure from a group called “Let Toys Be Toys” group. Toys “R” Us has been making a move to go gender-neutral. The Daily Mail is reporting, Toys R US  have dropped gender filter from its website to name a few steps they have taken to comply with some of the complaints of Let […]

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US Border Security

While the United States borders remain open,  other countries have been increases security at their own borders after the Paris attacks. Border security is at the top of most countries agendas. DAILY MAIL.COM  

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Clinton’s Foundation Vs IRS

Clinton’s Foundation to help fight AIDS in Africa is showing signs of tax issues with the IRS. Various news organizations are reporting on the foundation’s tax issues. Recently, the Republican National Committee filed a formal complaint with the IRS, urging it to conduct a full audit of the health-focused charity and to require the group […]

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Media Wants To Stop Trump

Media wants to stop trump at all cost. There’s been a real push in some media outlets to get rid of him. Regardless of what the media has to say, be it truth or lies, Trump preveils! His numbers continue to climb. Has the media finally met their match or in the end will they get […]

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Pallard, I Paid My Debt Let Me Go Home

Jonathan Pallard was released from prison after serving 30 years for spying for Israel. He is presently on five years probation, but he said he would give up his US citizenship, if he could go back to Israel. Newsmax sheads some light on his history and his wish to go to Israel.

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Why GOP Establishment Fears Donald Trump?

Nothing strikes more fear in the hearts of the GOP then Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been deemed “finished” at least a half-a-dozen times. Yet, he is still at the top of the polls. So far, they haven’t been able figure it out. This story shows they are starting to come around.  

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