Protecting Our Freedoms

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This Was Not a Terrorist Attack

This was not a terrorist attack. The shooter of the Philadelphia policeman said, he shot philadelphia cop in the name of Islam, but the democrat mayor refuses to believe it. He said, this has nothing to do with Islam out here what the shooter said.

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Could Chicago’s Mayor Be Recalled?

According to Ivan Moreno and the Associated Press, Under Ford’s proposal, two city aldermen would have to sign an affidavit agreeing with a recall petition and organizers must collect more than 88,000 signatures from registered voters in the city. At least 50 signatures must come from each of the 50 wards.

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Benghazi Attack Dogs Hillary

On ABC this week with George Stephanopoulos, he ask Hillary about the Benghazi attacks. Was it a terrorist attack or were the protesters upset about a video of Mohammed? After the interview, it is still not clear.

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Obama Makes Another Friend

Trans Canada sues US over pipeline! After several years and meeting all US requirements, Obama turned down trans Canada request to run pipeline through the US. Trans Canada is now suing the US under the free trade agreement NAFTA.

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Global Warming According To Gore

In 2006, people were warned by the year 2016, the earth was going to be in serious trouble, as a result of global warming. As a result, Rush Limbaugh started a countdown clock and the time is almost up. Visit’s the story on Rush’s site to discover the people behind this claim.

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ACLU Plays Both Sides

The ACLU is against the no-fly list. They say it doesn’t give people on the list due process, but they want to use the no-fly list  to prevent those who are on the list from buying a gun.      

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