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Space Junk, Who Will Clean It Up?

Space junk is a big problem. Who will clean it up. If space junk is not cleaned up and left to orbit the earth, space around the earth could become too crowded. It could make it so impossible to be able to launch more satellites and/or various other expiditions. It could get so bad no one […]

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Black Hole is a One Way Trip

A Black Hole is a one way trip according to physicists, Stephen Hawkins who says there may be a way to travel through a black hole. You would have to want to do something reallly bad to take on a one way trip down a black hole. Wouldn’t you say?

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Comets are like deep fried ice cream, scientists say

By Calla Cofield Published February 23, 2015 NASA researchers think they understand why comets have a hard, crispy outside and a cold but soft inside — just like fried ice cream. Two NASA spacecraft have interacted with a comet surface, and both found a crunchy exterior and somewhat softer, more porous interior. Scientists know that comets […]

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Exploring the Depths of Earth’s Core

By Carolyn Collins Petersen Space/Astronomy Expert Earth Gives Clues to Planet Inner Cores   Look at an image of Earth taken from space and you’d never guess what’s hidden inside our home planet. Oh, sure, there are a few clues if you know what to look for: volcanoes, continents gliding past each other atop tectonic […]

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Hubble Space Telescope

By Nick Greene Space/Astronomy Expert Hubble Space Telescope’s Name: The Hubble Space Telescope was the world’s first space-based optical telescope. It received its name from American astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889–1953). Dr. Hubble confirmed an “expanding” universe, which provided the foundation for the Big Bang theory. Cool Fact: Scientists believe our universe began with a “big […]

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