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Days After The Terror Attack Politicians Are Saying California Gun Laws Work

On the Steve Malzbers show,  he talks about California gun laws,  Hillary’s health and why Donald Trump is doing so well. Best-selling conservative author Ed Klein, “He’s talking to the American public the way they want to be talked to: directly, honestly,” Klein told “The Steve Malzberg Show” in an interview. “This is what they’re thinking.” Read […]

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Rush Limbaugh Talks Politics

Rush Limbaugh goes on Fox to talk about ISIS, Obama and the presidential candidates. Limbaugh is the most conservative talk radio host, and the author of several children books. He shared his views on numerous subjects from President Obama, Iran and Syria, destroying ISIS, why he would hit the oil fields to name a few. Rush […]

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A Glimpse Of Winston Churchill

Andrew Neil vs Winston Churchill. Since the Paris attacks, everyone has an opinion on what the world should do. In his opening monologue, Andrew Neil’s was able to  summed up ISIS and what’s going to happen to them in one minute and 46 seconds. Neil, should be an example for all world leaders.

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