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UK summons Russian envoy after bombers fly over English Channel

By Lucy Pawle, Vasco Cotovio and Jason Hanna, CNN  (CNN)Russia’s ambassador to Britain was summoned to the UK’s Foreign Office on Thursday to explain why two Russian bombers were flying over the English Channel this week, a representative of the office said. Two Russian bombers “caused disruption to civil aviation” when they flew near, but […]

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How do charter schools affect education in Pennsylvania?

By Kari Larsen | York may become one of the few cities in America to privatize an entire school district. Facing a $20 million budget deficit from 2014, York City School District failed to implement a recovery plan designed by chief recovery officer David Meckley. The state Department of Education then pursued receivership, which would transfer almost all […]

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Secret Service: ‘Quadcopter’ drone crashed onto White House grounds

Published January 26, 2015 WASHINGTON –  A two-foot-long “quadcopter” drone crashed onto the White House grounds overnight, triggering an immediate lockdown as well as a Secret Service investigation into where the mysterious device came from. Brian Leary, a Secret Service spokesman, said that an officer posted on the south grounds of the White House […]

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Chinese Celebrate US Debt Hitting 18 Trillion

In 2015, the Republicans gained control of  both the House and the Senate, which gives them much more power for Congress to demand a resolution to drastically cut none essential expenditures.  The U.S. National debit is sky rocketing with each passing second. Congress has not even attempted  to address this issues. The have no fear of America’s […]

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The Korea’s at Night

Earth Observatory   According to, “Flying over East Asia, astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) took this night image of the Korean Peninsula. Unlike daylight images, city lights at night illustrate dramatically the relative economic importance of cities, as gauged by relative size.” It also show more than stated above. It shows that […]

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Broken Promises

In 2008, then Presidential candidate, Barack Obama campaigned on a whole list of changes. Whether or not you liked or disliked his potential policies, he captured enough votes to win the election. Not once, but twice.  He campaigned on Universal Health Care. According to Bing Dictionary, universal means “… relating to the whole world; relating […]

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Oil Rigging

Drilling In Your Backyard

  American’s have been hearing for years now how the United States has enough oil to last for many generations to come. Over the last several months, oil extraction in the United States has exploded. There will always be pros and cons for such an endeavor. The battles to explore and/or not to explore will […]

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