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The White House And ISIS In Syria

The Pentagon has announced that it will be going after ISIS in Syria. Is the White House trying to contain them or trying to beat them? In the past the White House strategy has been unclear when it comes to ISIS. So the question is what has changed?

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Judge Upholds Arizona Immigration Law

Illegal immigration in Aarizona has been an on going problem. The states attempt to make to fix the immigration issue has been blocked by the federal government.  Arizonia has recently passed a new law, which was up-held by a federal judge. FOXNEWS.COM

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Hillary Clinton’s Private e-mail Server

There are lots of questions concerning Hillary Clinton’s email server. The latest question, what is the number of people involved in maintaining the server. Do they have clearances? Will the drip, drip, drip of information wear people down to the point where they no longer care anymore?

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